Mogamin tile

Mogamin, a dazzling
puzzle game

Block your opponent(s) so they cannot make any more moves. Moves are taken in turn, alternating between the number of players on the field. The time for each turn is limited, so decide quickly, but strategically!

Play the game and enjoy 18 game fields for free!

  • Welcome to Mogamin
  • Choose your game field
  • Block your opponents
  • Unlock 32 new game fields
  • Create your own game fields

Play against one to three virtual opponents.
Play over wifi with your friends.
Play directly on the iPad around the table with family or friends.
Create a profile to store your points outside Game Center and see your direct competition.
Your own created game fields will be stored with your profile when you buy the game fields creator.

To make a move, tick the triangle you want to move to.

Beware: if you do not make your
move within the given timeframe
we will decide for you and this will not be the best position.

You can only move to triangles that have not been
stepped on before and lie in an adjacent angle.

Points are given for each opponent you block, bonus triangles and for the triangles that remain on the game field after you won the game. Blocking bars will make is more challenging to win.

You win the game when your opponents are no longer able to move. The fewer moves you make
to block your opponents, the higher your score will be. Decide fast and you will earn extra points.

Enjoy 18 game fields for free.

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Share your experience with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

How to play Mogamin